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Legal stuff


This website is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Don't forget, if you reuse some content, to show the name of the author, followed by "freecorp.org".

Personal Information

According to French laws, you can contact us to get/correct the personal information we have about you.
Here is what we record about you: Of course all this information is kept private by Freecorp.


Even if we are careful about the quality of our programs and documents, it is possible that they contain mistakes, bugs... Contact us if you detect some. We will correct them as soon as possible.

We also deny our responsibility for websites that you would reach by clicking on some links on ours (freecorp.free.fr/freecorp.org and fury.language.free.fr/furylanguage.com).

We also deny any responsibility if our programs are used to do illegal stuff (like learning bioterrorism vocabulary with Fury Language :D).

Registered trademarks

Registered trademarks we cite on our websites are registered by their owner.