Welcome to the Freecorp Website

The free flaschard program Freecorp Fury Language
Freecorp Fury Language, to learn vocabulary lists.
Freecorp is a French association which aims at creating structures or publishing free software dedicated to knowledge sharing, especially linguistic knowledge. You can use the content we share as it is usually licensed under a Creative Commons License for the documents, and under the BSD license for the software. This website was created in 2001 to share educative content (in French).

The free subtitle synchronizing program Freecorp FurySnc
Freecorp FurySync, to synchronize even the worst timed subtitles.
You can discover our main programs Freecorp Fury Language, a flashcard program and Freecorp FurySync a program to synchronize subtitles which need more than 2 synchronization points.

Fury Language is linked with a wiki called FuryLab, a website that contains vocabulary lists that you can directly modify. Thus, you can correct the lists, create new ones, or add terms very easily. Currently you can find some English/French lists there.

FurySync is kind of an improvement of the SubSync program, as it has the same basic idea: synchronize the beginning of a subtitle by doing some action when you hear the line in the video, and the end by doing another action. Those actions, in FurySync, are pressing F2 ans releasing it, or clicking on a "Appear" or "Disappear" button. But many other functions have been added to ease the synchronization or the creation of a subtitle. On top of that, the program, written in Delphi as Fury Language, is open-source (BSD License).

If you want to help our association or website, there are many ways to do so. To get recent information about Freecorp, you can visit our blog (currently mostly in French).