The Freecorp FurySync program (En franšais)

To respond to your synchronization fury...

Freecorp FurySync
The free software Freecorp FurySync, with synchronized lines showed in green.
Download Freecorp FurySync 3.0 !

This free software can be used to quickly synchronize all the lines of a subtitle No need to type in the time and the length of each subtitle like with Subtitle Workshop: with FurySync, which integrates a media player, you synchronize the beginning of a line by just clicking a button (or pressing F2) when you hear it on the video, and the end by clicking another button (or releasing F2). If you are working on a subtitle which already has a timing (not a new one), what you could not synchonize with these actions will be automatically computed by the program. Thus, synchronizing a subtitle won't last more than the length of the video. This can be checked as FurySync also shows how much time you spent on the subtitle.

Download FurySync version 3.0

This is the first multilingual version of our program.
Freecorp FurySync version (09/23/2005, 650Ko, with its Delphi source code).
FurySync changelog, SourceForge CVS repository, SourceForge download mirrors.

You can find a tutorial here in pdf (here in .odp)

You translate subtitles as a hobby?

Contribute to the Fury Language project to create and learn vocabulary lists: Write down each expression for which you had to use a dictionary in a text or word file, or anything. Then send us this file! Or directly put it in our FuryLab wiki, like this English/French list about The final Cut, or a Scrubs episode.

This will help you remember the knowledge you acquired while translating as you can then test yourself on this vocabulary list with our free software Freecorp Fury Language. And this vocabulary list, as it groups together vocabulary about a movie, could be more motivating to learn for someone who tries to acquire new vocabulary than vocabulary lists about a theme.

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Modify FurySync

FurySync can be downloaded with its source code, that you can modify using Borland Delphi (6 or higher), It uses the MSMEdiaPlayer component (Microsoft Windows Media Player, the old one), that you can import into Delphi following the next steps (I guess them from my French version of Delphi): Component menu, Import an ActiveX control, Add button, "C:\Windows\System32\msdxm.ocx". Then the control can be found in the as "Windows Media Player (Version 1.0)": be careful, if there are two, choose the good one! Then rename the "class name" TMediaPlayer to TMSMediaPlayer and click Install.... Now you can open the FurySync source code and modify it according to the BSD license.
Then, when you compile it, you get mistakes and can't use the program directly, you have to launch it by double-clicking on it from Windows. This is due to the TMSMediaPlayer which can't be used in debugger mode, and to the languag files which are not found inside the SOURCE directory.